Eastern Europe

ORT in Eastern Europe



A new state-of-the art multimedia center has put the Lauder-ORT Dimcho Debeljanov Jewish School in Sofia at the forefront of digital technology education in Bulgaria.

The new facility boasts sophisticated photography, audio, radio, television and video studios which open a new world of digital creativity for students and teachers. This includes the production of radio and television programs in English and Hebrew, videoconferencing and live distance-learning. The Lauder-ORT school is the first school in Bulgaria to incorporate these cutting-edge technologies.

In another exciting development, a new Holocaust Education Center will soon be established in partnership with the Claims Conference.


Interdisciplinary Technology in the Czech Republic

ORT's two new interdisciplinary technology laboratories are propelling Lauder Schools of Prague forward. The mobile laboratories create a more holistic learning environment as they incorporate interactive lessons and e-learning that can be used to teach a broad range of subjects.  The Geographic Information Software (GIS) Laboratory gives students the ability to analyze spatial information, edit maps and geographical data and create virtual geographic and travel programs. The language laboratory incorporates the Tal Am program for Hebrew teaching, and includes on-line books, tapes and interactive classroom posters. 


Jewish Empowerment in Poland

In Warsaw, World ORT has a continuing relationship with The Lauder-Morasha School founded by The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation. It is here that some 200 children, ages six to thirteen, begin their lifelong connection to Judaism.