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ORT India is creating an educational revolution on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands affected by the tsunami in the Bay of Bengal. It installed computers, presentation equipment and inaugurated IT laboratories in five high schools, with accompanying advanced multimedia technology. This has had significant impact on the pupil's critical thinking and scientific inquiry.

As a direct result of this program, three schools have added computer science studies to their 10th – 12th grade curriculums. The success of the laboratories has generated widespread appeal from the Directorate of Education and other schools and has become a model for the future education of the Islands. 

In Mumbai, ORT has initiated a new early childhood education program for mothers and toddlers. This program provides babies from seven months and up with a stimulating learning environment, and educates mothers on their child's holistic development. The program includes the mainstreaming of six special needs children.

In 2010, 30 Jewish youth participated in the Birthright-Israel program, returning with a closer connection to Israel and a deeper understanding of their heritage. To date 248 Indian youth have participated in this powerful program.

In the far north-east of the country, World ORT is providing new opportunities for the remote Beni Menashe community. Here, computer classes are provided that will enable community members to take advantage of many different employment opportunities either locally or further afield, that were previously denied to them through their lack of familiarity with up-to-date technologies.

ORT India is training a new generation of students with advanced tech skills to take their place in the workforce.