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ORT Switzerland raises funds with a South American themed evening

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ORT America

ORT America was formed in 2007 after the merger of American ORT (founded in 1922) and Women’s American ORT (founded in 1927). It was officially recognized in April 2007 at a celebratory Inaugural Convention in Washington DC. ORT America is the leading fundraising organization for World ORT and has eleven regional offices located in: New Jersey, Florida; Atlanta, GA; Greater Washington, DC; Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI; Cleveland, OH and West Coast and more than 300 chapters throughout the United States representing specific geographic locations, professions and/or specific interests.. ORT America is devoted to identifying and developing emerging leaders, as well as increasing efforts to engage the next generation of ORT supporters. 



The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) represents 157 Jewish Federations and over 300 independent Jewish communities. Its ongoing recognition of ORT's critical work and impact on strengthening Jewish communities worldwide resulted in the 2007–2008 landmark re-affirmation of the historic relationship with ORT as a full beneficiary service provider alongside JDC and the Jewish Agency.

The recognition and familiarity with JFNA and the federations was a direct result of ongoing visits with federation professionals and volunteers and exposure at the annual General Assemblies (GA). Dozens of missions brought hundreds of people for a first hand encounter with ORT students. They were deeply impressed with the advanced technological education and strong Jewish education ORT provides.

For JFNA, ORT is impact philanthropy. It builds capacity that translates into long-term independence for its beneficiaries. It leverages every dollar, gets the job done and shows tangible results that appeal to donors and potential donors.

From Argentina, to the ORT network of schools and training centers in the FSU, to the state-of-the-art technology programs in Israel, JFNA and federations include ORT on almost all mission itineraries. Today, ORT is viewed as a major resource of JFNA for participating in exciting sessions at the GA, providing highly qualified speakers-experts, and for being able to make a strong case for why federations should partner with the three overseas partner organizations.


ORT Canada

ORT Canada raises funds through its two principal fundraising organizations, ORT Montreal and ORT Toronto. ORT Canada’s chapters in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver  hold regular meetings and successful fundraising events.


British ORT

British ORT, established in 1921, is the oldest fundraising organization within the World ORT family. Funds raised in Britain are directed towards specific ORT projects in Israel, the former Soviet Union and elsewhere across the ORT network. British ORT has a varied social calendar with events ranging from Business Breakfasts, Gala Dinners, Summer Luncheons, Bridge and Golf tournaments.


ORT Switzerland

Switzerland hosts the World ORT headquarters in Geneva. The office also oversees many World ORT International Cooperation programmes. Four fundraising committees are based in Geneva, Basel, Zurich and Berne.


ORT Netherlands, ORT Belgium and ORT Germany

The dedicated ORT fundraising committees of ORT Netherlands, ORT Belgium and ORT Germany make a significant difference to the lives and education of hundreds of students and their communities in Israel and elsewhere.


ORT members touring Argentina together from the Metropolitan Chicago Region of ORT America.