ORT Educational websites

Navigating the Bible II

Journey into the world of the Jewish Bible, studying weekly portions, hearing melodies, follow the themes and learn what the scholars say. It is an opportunity to explore the Jewish Bible as history, literature and religion.

Learning About the Holocaust Through Art

An extensive online collection of Holocaust-era art providing high quality images, artist biographies, articles on camps and ghettos. An invaluable art-based resource for Holocaust education and research.

Music and the Holocaust

A diverse collection sound recordings and in-depth articles on composers and musicians who created music during the Holocaust-era. An interactive map facilitates the exploration of musical life in ghettos and camps across Europe.


Life in the Shadow of Terror

In 2002-2003, ORT students were invited to send artwork depicting the issue of terror and its impact on life in Israel. A panel of judges, professionals from the worlds of art and education, selected the best works which are displayed here.

ORT and the DP Camps

This website focusses on ORT's educational role in the rehabilitation of Holocaust survivors inside the Displaced Persons camps after WWII. Articles, photos and an interactive map of camps help bring this era to life.

Celebrating Hanukkah

Learn about the background and customs of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights.

ORT OZET - The Hope and Illusion

A chronicle of ORT's role in Ukraine, Belorussia, the Crimea and Birobidzhan during 1921-1938. The project recounts history through remarkable contemporary photographs many of which have not previously been published.

St. Petersburg Jews

Online version of a programme orginally created on CD chronicling three centuries of history of Jews in St.Petersburg.

History of ORT

Learn about the history of ORT from before its inception, through its development and how ORT adapted to change over the course of its existence. Created primarily for use in ORT schools.


A resource for students and teachers of English as a foreign, second or additional language with over 60 hours of interactive lesson materials for self-study or group work.

Do I.T.

An exciting and interactive experience to learn about computing and information technology for teachers and students. Each unit includes interactive exercises and quizzes.