World ORT mega project in Kiryat Yam, Israel

See how World ORT’s regeneration of Kiryat Yam’s educational infrastructure has revitalised the city and given the Diaspora another avenue to develop a meaningful relationship with Israel.

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Videos on Kadima Mada

Enhancing education

How World ORT's Kadima Mada programme is enhancing Israeli's educational system by improving educational standards.

CH-1 interview

Robert Singer, Director General and CEO of World ORT, speaks to Israel TV about World ORT's mega project in Kiryat Yam and Smart classes project.

Smart classes in Israel

A look at our Kadima Mada programme as it developed in Israel and how World ORT is supplying technology equipment and smart classrooms in Israeli schools.

Classrooms go hi-tech

Israeli prime time TV news covers the launch of Phase 5 of Kadima Mada (Science Journey), World ORT's ambitious programme to raise standards of science and technology education in schools across the country. 

Kadima Mada 2008


World ORT's Smart Classes project, part of the Science Journey/Kadima Mada programme in Israel, aired on the news of Channel 2, Israeli Television in October 2008.

World ORT gives tribute to Robert Singer's 14 years of leadership with the organisation.


Videos worldwide

ORT Argentina

Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor addressing students in ORT Argentina, November 2011

British ORT

One hundred and thirty-one years of achievement in education and training condensed into three minutes - courtesy of British ORT.

ORT South Africa

ORT SA is changing the way South Africans live with their incredible education projects that are being implimented in the disadvantaged communities of South Africa .

ORT America

A video made by Los Angeles ORT College which explains just why ORT works for people!

An appeal video for the ORT school in Kazan. Interviews with students and how they have exceled due to the excellent facilities and teaching.

How ORT is changing the the lives of Jews in Kishinev through education and teaching Jewish traditions to their students.