Professional Development

Professional Development Seminars for Educators

Recognizing that investment in front-line staff is key to the success of its schools network, World ORT invests considerable resources into its professional development programme.  Participants at these events return to their schools and are instrumental in introducing new educational initiatives that raise the level of teaching and learning, further adding value to ORT educational institutions.

For further information on these seminars, please contact: Daniel Tysman, Head of Education, World ORT

Annual Hatter Technology Seminar

The Annual Hatter Technology Seminar has been held each year at World ORT in London since 2001. The seminar provides ORT's technology teaching staff from schools around the world with an opportunity to learn about  the newest techniques and methodologies in teaching through lectures, workshops and visits. It provides a valuable forum for educators to share ideas on working practices, to develop their professional skills and to exchange experiences on various subjects. 

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Annual Wingate Seminar

The Annual Wingate Seminar, held at World ORT’s offices in London, performs the dual role of introducing change by harnessing the latest developments in educational technology in ORT schools and providing a powerful motivating force for ORT teachers from around the world. With a focus on exploring the potential of new technologies to support teaching and learning, each seminar combines presentations from experts in the field with the opportunity for participants to present and share their own knowledge and experience. Discussion and collaboration are key factors.

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Moshinsky Seminar for Innovation Leaders

World ORT's Kadima Mada program in Israel is training Innovation Leaders from participating schools to teach other educators to close the gap between knowledge and technological capability. These leaders are trained through the Moshinsky Seminar for Innovation Leaders. For the last two years the Innovation Leaders have attended on-going teacher training programs provided by World ORT that focus on incorporating next generation technologies in the classroom and helping teachers in a changing era.

Naomi Prawer Kadar International Seminars for Technology in Jewish Education

The Naomi Prawer Kadar International Seminars for Technology in Jewish Education , formerly known as the Terry and Jean de Gunzburg Seminar, focuses on the use of digital technologies to enhance the delivery of Jewish Education topics. Seminars take place several times a year, each time in a different country and adapted to the needs of local Jewish communitites.