ORT in pictures

ORT in pictures gives a brief pictorial overview of ORT in action. Click on the gallery for a larger view.

Leading the Way

From its inception, ORT has had the good fortune of being led by people distinguished by their accomplishments in business, science, the arts and professions. The organisation's lay leaders are drawn from a wide variety of social, national and professional backgrounds but are committed to a common goal - to enable people to live productively, independently and harmoniously. Hand in hand with World ORT's professionals, they devote energy and expertise to making the organisation the success it is.  

Kiryat Yam

The biggest single project World ORT has undertaken in Israel so far has been the redevelopment of a brownfield site in the seaside city of Kiryat Yam into a stunning campus which has placed education and self-improvement at the heart of this blue-collar community. The $18 million Alex and Betty Schoenbaum Science, Eduational, Cultural and Sports Campus was opened in September 2010 on budget and on time. Its state-of-the-art science centre, planetarium, oceanarium, aquatic sports centre, athletics track and Ethiopian heritage centre together create an inspirational resource not only for students at the two adjacent schools but for the whole city and beyond.

Technology in Education

From clay tablets to tablet PCs and from blackboards to interactive whiteboards, classrooms have been transformed over the past 200 years. But the pace of change in educational technology has really taken off in just one generation, mirroring the fast-frame evolution of our work and recreation. World ORT is at the forefront of introducing new technology to schools to enhance the learning experience, enable the adoption of new pedagogical methods and accustom young people to its use as an effective tool rather than just a plaything.  

Training Educators

If you want a quality education then you need quality teachers. Through training programmes, international seminars and the fostering of collaborative and supportive relationships, World ORT continuously develops the professional skills of its teachers. We ensure that their motivation to embrace innovation is matched by an ability to harness the potential of new technology and implement new learning strategies to the benefit of the children we serve.  

Nurturing Jewish Identity

The Jewish People have made a disproportionate contribution to human progress. At World ORT, we want our Jewish students to be proud of that and to continue to make the world a better place inspired by their 4,000-year-old heritage. By knowing where they come from we believe our Jewish students will be better equipped to know which way to go.

Increasing Employability

The pace of scientific progress and technological development has never been faster. It is thrilling but also daunting: how do you prepare for careers which have not been invented yet? At World ORT we keep a close eye on the changing demands of the workplace and give an educational head start to our students in a jobs market which is increasingly competitive – but exploding with opportunities.

Reaching Out

World ORT is inspired by Jewish tradition to reach out to our neighbours, regardless of their ethnic or religious background. We place our expertise in education and vocational training at the service of tens of thousands of people throughout the Developing World every year. And we aim to ensure the benefits are felt for years to come by setting up self-sustaining, locally-based training capacity.

Facing the Future

Entering adulthood has always had its challenges. Today, even in relatively stable, prosperous societies, young people face a world teetering on the edge of financial crisis and good jobs increasingly hard to find – and even harder to prepare for because of rapidly changing technology. But an ORT education gives young people the self-awareness, skills and knowledge they need to face the future with confidence.