Meeting of the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees (BoT) is composed of members drawn from the Board of Representatives, members-at-large, and officers, and constitutes the active and accountable governance body of World ORT. Its members are appointed based on skills, not representation. They represent the best interests of World ORT, independent of the national organizations from which they may be drawn. The BoT meets quarterly and is responsible for managing the affairs of World ORT such as policies, programs and budgets.

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Meeting of the Board of Representatives

The Board of Representatives (BoR) is composed of up to 80 members, which meet once each year. It is chaired by the President of World ORT, Dr Jean de Gunzburg, and constitutes the representative body of the organization. Its role is to ensure that the voices of the national organizations that constitute World ORT are heard and taken into account at all levels of policy and decision-making.

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World ORT General Assembly

The World ORT General Assembly (GA) meets every four years, and elects the President and Deputy President. The GA is the only governing body that has the authority to change the Constitution of World ORT. The next GA will be held in 2016.

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National Directors Forum

During its 132 years ORT has gained the trust and respect of major political and commercial organizations throughout the world. ORT's National Directors throughout the world, work together with their governments and local authorities to provide education and training programs for the economic and social benefit of their communities.

The World ORT Annual National Directors Forum provides a specific opportunity for the interchange of knowledge and experience among our senior staff, many of whom are specialists in their fields and are thus able to enrich the network through their expert knowledge.

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