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Science Journey - Kadima Mada

In Israel, World ORT makes all the difference.  In 2007, World ORT embarked on a cutting-edge program, Science Journey – Kadima Mada, to redefine science and technology education in Israel, specifically in the periphery. Established in partnership with Israel's Ministry of Education, this multi-faceted program combines state-of-the art, interactive classrooms and progressive science and technology learning with critical investment in advanced teacher training.

Today, Kadima Mada is active in over 165 schools, has trained and assisted some 3,300 teachers and serves over 100,000 pupils in under resourced areas.

Kadima Mada groundbreaking programs


Opened in 2010, Science City heralds a new era of science education for the northern coastal city of Kiryat Yam and its environs. It is here that the sparks of science are ignited for children from underserved neighborhoods, many new immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union, as they engage in exciting formal and informal science programs.

Science City embraces the Alex and Betty Schoenbaum Science, Educational, Cultural and Sports Campus. The campus is the result of a $5.3 million investment by the Schoenbaum Family Foundation that led to an $18 million campaign, attracting funds from ORT America's Dan Kahn, Israel’s Ministry of Education and the Kiryat Yam municipality. Open to all schools in the city, as well as to the general public, the campus includes the D. Dan Kahn Science Center with its high tech laboratories, an open-air science park which boasts The Margot and Jozef Rethazy Planetarium Building, a marine observatory with hands-on activities, an athletics stadium, the Nate Lipson Ethiopian Heritage Center, a sea sports center and the renovated Rodman High School.

Science City gives Israel's younger generation the tools today to excel in the global arena of tomorrow.


A transformation is taking place in Israel's schools with World ORT's pioneering Smart Classrooms. These classrooms have replaced blackboards and erasable boards, equipping schools with interactive whiteboards, wireless Internet connectivity, laptops and other technological aids, and providing on-going teacher training in their use.
In 2010, World ORT took responsibility for implementing a four-year program in northern Israel's Galilee region in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry for the Development of the Negev and the Galilee. Some 420 Smart Classrooms are being installed in elementary, middle and high schools, serving a diverse student population.  
This program, called the Schulich Canada Smart Classroom Initiative is spearheaded by Toronto-based philanthropist Seymour Schulich, in partnership with the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and World ORT donors. It is implemented with the commitment of local municipalities. The Schulich Canada Smart Classroom Initiative is being  expanded to the south of Israel to equip a total of 1000 Smart Classrooms in the north and south of the country.


World ORT's ground breaking SASA Setton Kav-Or program works in conjunction with Israel's Ministry of Education to provide quality educational services for hospitalized children.

Now operating in 27 Ministry of Education hospital schools, SASA Setton Kav-Or brings state-of-the-art computers, interactive whiteboards and educational kits to encourage children to learn, keep up with their studies and interest them in the world outside their hospital rooms. Teacher training ensures that the hospital teachers are familiar with the new technology.

A new website and online distance learning service now allow children to benefit from a virtual school and enrichment activities and gives them the pleasure of keeping in contact with family and friends.

SASA Setton Kav-Or brightens up the lives of thousands of hospitalized children throughout Israel.  


Using advanced technology applications in the classroom, this innovative pilot project gives students tablet computers and e-scape software to enhance thinking and learning skills.

The pilot has been launched in six junior and senior high schools across Israel. World ORT, in cooperation with Goldsmiths College of the University of London, provided an initial 3-day teacher training course for this program, and World ORT ensures on-going tutoring as the project progresses. This program has tremendous potential to move educators and students beyond traditional teaching and learning methods. 


For ten years the residents of the western Negev have been on the front line of relentless rocket attacks from nearby Gaza. During this time, the largest high school in the Sha'ar Hanegev region was exposed, putting countless children in danger.

Now, a comprehensive safe campus is being built that is vital to providing a secure environment for the pupils and will allow for increased enrollment from 1,000 to 1,800. World ORT has launched a $1.5 million campaign to establish a state-of-the-art Science and Technology Center on the new campus. Funds are being raised by World ORT together with fundraising partners including ICA in Israel.


Science concepts can be very difficult to grasp, especially at a young age. As a result, many kids get turned off and never get turned back on to science.
World ORT, in collaboration with leading Israeli technology company Robotech, is changing this. It has developed a new Educational LEGO Kit that makes science learning fun for middle school students. As the pupils become comfortable with science and technology concepts, they learn to build and program simple robots.

Now running in eight schools, the MABAT initiative brings science and technology to life for young teenagers.


Kadima Mada brings the fascinating world of science to thousands of children from underserved regions through its innovative MADA-NA Mobile Science Exhibition. As it travels from one community to another, MADA-NA invites children to use all of their senses to learn how science is an intimate part of their everyday lives.

Comprised of five rotating exhibitions, each with 15 hands-on models that demonstrate different physics theories, MADA-NA sparks the excitement of children as they experience the wonders of mechanics, optics, electricity, magnetism, heat, liquids and gas in a user-friendly, fun environment.


Kadima Mada has turned March 14th, Albert Einstein's birthday, into International Science Day in Israel. With the distribution of modest grants from World ORT, students and teachers in schools across Israel engage in exciting extra-curricular science and technology activities.

The Western Galilee Regional High School, for example, spent over a month organizing a Science Week in which science lessons were devoted to the theme of ecology. Hospitalized children in the SASA Setton Kav Or program were excited to learn, as they examined a range of topics on the theme of science serving the community.


Colonel Ilan Ramon, Israel’s first and only astronaut, perished in the Space Shuttle Columbia mission in 2003. Kadima Mada honors his memory through an annual Ilan Ramon Science day attended by high school students throughout the country, a study kit on science and space prepared by Beersheva University and a nationwide space-related research competition for high school sophomores and juniors.