A network of excellence in Latin America

A network of excellence in Latin America

For the past 74 years, World ORT has strengthened Jewish communities across Latin America and paved the way for excellence in education. Its Latin America Campaign to boost the continent’s Jewish communities is bringing powerful results. 

World ORT's broad network of science and technology schools meets the needs of individual communities and offers the highest quality general, science and Jewish education. ORT students are given the tools to explore, discover and delve into the fascinating worlds of computers, biotech, physics, electronics, robotics, Internet and media. An ORT education gives Latin American pupils a deep connection to their Jewish heritage and access to successful career paths and a bright future.

ORT is recognized throughout Latin American for its commitment and passion to educational innovation and achievement.


ORT in Latin America:


With over 7,000 pupils in ORT schools in Argentina, ORT plays a pivotal role in advancing and sustaining the Jewish community. Intense investment in quality teacher training in digital technology and crafting innovative new pedagogic material impacts the education and career paths of the next generation.

ORT students participate in national and international science, technology and robotic competitions and repeatedly walk away with an impressive array of gold, silver and bronze medals.  ORT Argentina student Ariel Zylber follows in the footsteps of some of the world's greatest mathematical minds with his gold medal-win at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in Amsterdam in August 2011. Zylber is only the fourth Argentinean to win this competition and he has been featured prominently in the national media.

ORT Argentina’s Almagro campus will soon increase its capacity with a new building and state-of-the-art laboratories that include bio and food technology, environment and sustainable development, mechatronics, physics, natural sciences and technology.

A virtual campus for which students, parents, teachers and alumni are registered, has over 25,000

A Car is Born

A unique agreement between Citroen Argentina and ORT resulted in the creation of the Citroen-ORT concept car: designed by industrial design students, powered by ICT students, promoted by mass media students and marketed by business students. The car is being brought to prototype by the students, with professional experts, and will be exhibited by Citroen at the Buenos Aires International Automobile Show.


ORT is taking the lead in the emerging field of environmental education in Brazil. Its pastoral 210-acre Campus for Environmental Learning outside of Rio de Janeiro is hailed as an exemplary field study program and attracts students from throughout the city and its environs.

At the same time, the NEDEA - Experimental Nucleus for Environmental Studies – program is pioneering hands-on natural sciences education. Among forest, rivers and lakes, ORT students learn about biodiversity and environmental sustainability, and collect samples for laboratory study. The successful program is now expanding to include local schools.

The Instituto de Tecnologia ORT, recognized as one of the best schools in Brazil, continues to grow. The internationally-funded scholarship program, which benefits 70% of the students, helps these young people to access quality education and puts them on a direct path to success.

Students at the school are in direct contact with high tech companies through a unique venture that encourages these firms to establish offices on the school's premises. The Pro-Cardiaco Hospital, one of Brazil's most important cardiac institutions, has joined this venture.

Visit the Instituto de Tecnologia website (Portuguese) http://www.ort.org.br/


ORT is a driving force in the some 20,000 strong Chilean Jewish community. ORT affiliated schools, recognized for their commitment to Jewish studies and high tech education, prepare young people for the future

 In an exciting development, ORT Chile has expanded its activities with the global Coca-Cola Foundation. Nine of the 18 participating schools in Calama, Santiago and Viña del Mar are now equipped with advanced informatics science labs. This will give rise to better opportunities for the pupils in expanding marketplaces. The additional nine schools have upgraded their early childhood education programs. Over the past 12 years, ORT Chile has been active in bringing technology education to 143 schools in more than 30 cities

In another high-impact strategic partnership, ORT and the Telefonica Corporation have introduced a broad-based employment training program that serves some 400 people in the Santiago area.

More about ORT Chile: http://www.ort.cl/


In a landmark decision that will drive educational breakthrough, Mexico City's oldest Jewish day school, Colegio Israelita de Mexico, has joined ORT's international network and is now CIM-ORT. The school will benefit from ORT's global reach and access to its expertise and resources.

In order to reverse the decline in the Jewish community's economic wellbeing, CIM-ORT educators are identifying the demands of the job market and ensuring that the new generation has the skills they need to meet them.

The school aspires to the highest academic and social standards. In addition to its advanced Media and IT Training Center, there are a wealth of social volunteer and Jewish and Israel-centered programs.  These include a Tikkun Olam project in which students collect books and games for children in a local under resourced school, visit the sick, and engage in activism to fight the growing Holocaust denial rhetoric that is sweeping across Latin America. The students produce a dynamic weekly newspaper that covers local news and the Jewish world. 

CIM-ORT is dedicated to creating a school environment based on Jewish values that inspires academic excellence, social responsibility, Tikkun Olam and protecting our environment.

More about ORT Mexico http://www.ort.org.mx/ 


In 2008, the Isaac Rabin School piloted ORT's TAVEC Advanced Technology in Science Education Program which was based on closing gaps in science education. Upon successful evaluation of the program, ORT undertook to expand the program to math education.

After a thorough mapping of the math gaps in public and private schools, ORT developed a curriculum for science and math teachers in 6th – 10th grade to improve teaching methodology and introduce concrete tools to enable students to understand abstract math concepts. An initiative is now underway to create a math lab for resources to teach primary school children.


ORT Uruguay University is recognized for its commitment to excellence, innovation and international collaboration. It has been regularly ranked among the best 500 in the world.

ORT University pulses with energy and initiative. It has more than 1,000 teachers and researchers for 11,000 students, 4,000 of whom benefit from ORT scholarships each year, and its five schools and institutes offer 36 degrees in the sciences, architecture, engineering, business, economics, international relations, design, communications and education.

It launched the first business incubator in Uruguay oriented to foster emerging entrepreneurs and enterprises in the fields of telecommunications and computer science and leads the way in the study of biotechnology. 

ORT Uruguay University has cooperation agreements with institutions around the world, including major universities in China, California, and Barcelona.

In the words of one of the University's honor students, Mathias Cenas, "ORT is the most important university in Uruguay. It has the best professors and more choice of topics to study than other universities." 


Visit the ORT Uruguay website (Spanish) www.ort.edu.uy


The León Pinelo Jewish Day School, the only school serving Lima’s 3,000-strong Jewish community, is piloting ORT's Advanced Technology for Science Education (TAVEC) program with the assistance of ORT Chile educators. This program brings a significant upgrade to the school's science department and strengthens the ORT connection.