United States

US Operations

US ORT Operations is responsible for the administration of Bramson ORT College in New York, Los Angeles ORT College, Zarem Golde ORT Technical Institute in Chicago, and an ORT computer centre located in Detroit. Over the past two decades these institutions have trained more than 100,000 Jewish refugees and immigrants, mostly from the former Soviet Union and Iran. Today, most of the students come from American secondary schools. These ORT colleges continue to introduce special programmes for high school students through which they can complete their general equivalency diploma and associate degrees from the local Jewish community and Yeshivot and the schools combined.


Bramson ORT College, New York, offers quality technical post secondary courses to meet the educational and career needs of the New York community. Degree programmes include Accounting, Business Management, Computer Technology, Electronics Technology, Medical Technology and Office Technology. The college continued to expand the range of courses taught using distance learning via the internet.

Los Angeles ORT College offers certificate programmes in ESL (English as a second Language), Computerised Accounting, CAD (Computer Aided Design), and Computer Graphics. A new Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Management was introduced  and structured to attract graduates from the certificates in Computerized Accounting and Administrative Assistant programmes to transfer their credits to this new programme.

Zarem Golde ORT Technical Institute, a branch campus of Los Angeles ORT College, located in Chicago, launched its AAS in Accounting programme as well as its Pharmacy Technician programme in 2007 and enrolment has grown since then. The Medical Assistant Clinical programme cohort was inaugurated in 2008 and work on the Medical Assistant Laboratory was completed.

The ORT e-Learning Centre in Brooklyn, New York, has demonstrated success in the growth of its student population and recognition of the ORT name by Jewish day schools and its student body.

The David B. Hermelin ORT Resource Centre in Detroit provides critical technology skills to under-employed and unemployed workers in south-eastern Michigan. The centre also works with religious schools in the community serving hundreds of children with computer-based lessons, Judaic software and creative pursuits including digital photography and movie making.