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03 Jan 2012 19:16 Age: 7 yrs
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THE JEWISH CHRONICLE: Meet the community's £50 million benefactor

ARTICLE: Biopic on philanthropist Clive Marks on us how he's helping British Jewry and his support of ORT and his involvement with the Music and the Holocaust website.

Clive Marks OBE. Photo credit: JC

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Other philanthropists may be better known but few are as influential as Clive Marks

By Michael Freedland, January 3, 2012


Mark's projects have ranged from supporting Jewish education to improving the phone system in Cambodia

If there was such a thing as a Jewish honours list, then the philanthropist Clive Marks would deserve a life peerage to go with the OBE he already holds. Yet, while other financial wizards in the community have become household names, Marks remains almost unknown.

The fact is, that in dozens of ways - that amount to a total of £50 million - he has been one of the great benefactors of British Jewry. And not just of British Jews either. There is the help he gave to set up Jewish schools in Latin America. The London College of Music flourishes today because of his aid. And the fact that Cambodians can make a phone call to anywhere in the outside world is entirely due to him. Read more.